Love For D-430

Full disclosure – was founded by a former Plano Reaper. Not long ago, I remembered the Plano Reapers that I always wished that we were; the grim Reapers, of course. I began cobbling together graphics, and thought I’d try putting my Plano Reapers designs online. Trying to think of a solid website name, I first registered

As soon as I got the receipt, I wondered what’s at and was surprised to see – nothing. So I abandoned and built Finding that task incredibly satisfying, I next looked for and, well here we are!

Born and raised in Plano, I was always thought Sandwich had great baseball uniforms, awesome basketball uniforms, and truly kick ass football uniforms. To this day, forty years old, orange is my favorite color. So the ability to do up some new Sandwich Indians stuff is joyous!

I come into the situation at a time where Cleveland just gave up the same name after decades of outcry from Native Americans. As a white dude from Illinois my intent is to glorify the impression of Indians. This is why you will not see any detailed figures associated with but you will see impressions that I believe to be dignified. 

I am open to learning and welcome feedback – [email protected]